Bio: I never know how to write an about me section. Here, I'll just list a bunch of things that describe what I'm all about and hopefully you'll get the picture... I'm twenty-two, I'm a university student studying business with a major in accounting and a minor in marketing, on most days I would rather be writing, drawing or creating something, I'm an outgoing introvert, I have a not so secret love for One Direction, my boyfriend says I listen to 'hipster' music, I have a shopping addiction, I'm usually laughing... or smiling... or both, I play the drums and the guitar, I'm terrified of the dark, I'm a sensitive soul, I have a collection of stuffed animals on my bed, I'm friends with the same group of people that I went to high school with, my best friend is graduating from engineering and my other best friend is studying business with me and has dreams of going to law school, I want to travel around the world so badly, I love cars, I don't drink coffee... ever and I dream of one day being extraordinarily successful in some endeavor. Dream big.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, that are a lot of words and a detailed description for someone who doesn’t know what to write about herself 😉

    And about your shopping addiction.. Isn’t that just being a girl? 😉 I can’t count the times my girlfriend bought another shirt, or pair of shoes, she didn’t needed (and some she never wore….).

    Have a great week and weekend ahead!


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