100 Days Of Music: Day 12

*pokes head around corner nervously*

Erm, I’m back. Please, don’t completely hate me for being gone for… oh I don’t know… a month.

See, there’s something you should know about me. I’m a bit of a wandering soul… quite easily distracted. Don’t worry, I plan to make far more time for this. I’m also elated to announce that I will be starting a new project within the next few weeks ! I love writing short stories and poems. It’s a bit of pass time, or a hobby, if you will. You should see the notes in my phone… just filled with random musings that my imagination spews out in the form of words. I find it entertaining and I thought maybe others would too… so I’m thinking of starting an Instagram account dedicated solely to my musings put onto pictures. I’m quite a visual person. I like things to be laid out for me. So to see my thoughts in picture form would be a bit of a dream, to be honest. We’ll see how it goes.

Now, back to the music, because I’m sure that’s why you’re actually here.

I have been going BANANAS downloading new music. This is mostly due to the fancy introduction of Apple Music which has sent me off into this fanatical frenzy of love. For the price of one album a month you have UNLIMITED access to the iTunes music store. Does that not just make you want to go frolic around in a field of daisies ? No ? Just me ? Alright !

With the storage on my phone now nearing half full, I’ve managed to gobble up a few tasty tracks to share. Without further ado, here they are:

Not entirely sure what it is about this song… maybe it’s the whistling… the upbeat guitar strumming… whatever it is, it always managed to put a smile on my face, as it might just be literally the happiest song ever. Feeling down ? Toss this one on your playlist and prepare to melt into a puddle of joy.

17 runnin’ from innocence, like it’s a lion. Nippin’ at my heels but I’m young so I out run ’em.

My god this song is incredible. It’s been awhile since I listened to something this profound. Thank you Transviolet for writing something that makes us feel.

Passion Pit is back ! He’s also singing in… a lower register ? Sort of ? I guess you get to the chorus and then it’s like woah there we go again ! My goodness, it’s been awhile since I listened to Passion Pit. I remember loving tracks like “Little Secrets” and “Sleepyhead” back in the tenth grade… it’s been awhile.

Anyway, I apologize once again for abandoning my mission to bring you wonderful music. I’ll do my best to keep focused and not completely fall off the face of the blogosphere (is that a word) again.

Hope your day is as lovely as you are.


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