100 Days Of Music: Day 11

Too hot to sleep, too hot to dream… the need for air conditioning in my humble abode is becoming all to real. You know things are getting out of hand when you have your window opened as far as it will let you and absolutely nothing happens. It’s as if the outdoors is grimacing at the fact that you’re letting the even hotter air of your house out into its atmosphere.

It’s not like there’s a wind or anything either. My curtains are as still as a British Royal Guard. Not that them billowing around would be much better, I can’t sleep with any sort of noise around me. This poses a problem since I hate having a fan run through the night…

How will I manage ? I’m really not even sure, but not sleeping at all is seemingly like an unfortunately viable option.

The fact that my lap top is essentially melting my lap also isn’t assisting in finding a solution to this indoor heat wave. Anyone want to sell me a new computer ?

Sigh. Anyway, heinous weather aside, let’s talk music.

Sam Hunt.

Does that name ring a bell ? For most people, probably not. For country music listeners, hell yes.

Starting out his early adulthood as your run-of-the-mill high school football player, then going on to dabble in the NCAA, Sam Hunt isn’t your average country music male vocalist. This is a good thing… a very good thing. He has brought something new to country music, something interesting. It’s appeal goes beyond the redneck guys and girls parking their trucks at the nearest lake and throwing a tail gate party. No it appeals to the average music listener. That’s huge.

Sam Hunt’s debut album, Montevallo, incorporates a lot of musical details that are definitely not traditionally country (see my last post where I talk about this whole concept of bro country). Take this track for instance:

Yeah, that’s a bit off from good old George Strait or Garth Brooks, isn’t it ? He mixes it up in such a fresh way with that deliciously, rich baritone voice. I could be way off here, but I really want to call him the country Drake.

Definitely check this album out. It’s worth it. With only ten songs, it makes for a short and sweet listen. Perfect for the ride to work or out to a lake.

Enjoy the hot weather, my friends. If it isn’t like this where you are then… I’m mildly jealous. Unless it’s wicked cold in your neck of the woods. We get that way too many months out of the year here.

Hope your night is as lovely as you are.


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