100 Days Of Music: Day 8

Alright, so here’s a fun little story that only people who have known me for a really, really long time would know. I used to be in band back in junior high and high school. I wouldn’t call myself a band geek, because that’s just an annoying phrase. Being in band for so many years crafted my taste in music and allowed me to experience sounds and rhythms that I never thought were possible. I was exposed to so many different instruments and musical styles. So if that makes me a “geek”, then I’m completely fine with that. I did what I loved, and at the time that was my passion.

So now you may be wondering what instrument I played. Well, I was a vital piece of the percussion section, hammering away on the five piece drum kit most days. Sometimes I played the triangle. Sometimes it was the xylophone. Basically anything you could hit with a mallet, or smack against something else, would’ve been in my repertoire.

Honestly, if it weren’t for my old kit falling apart from years of battering, I would still play today. You never really lose it, though, that underlying rhythm. I feel it all the time when I’m listening to music. It’s like I could jump on a kit at any moment and just pick up where I left off.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. This all ties in, I promise.

As a member of various school bands, I found myself at a lot of concerts. These weren’t just small concerts either. Most of them took place at the main symphony building in my city. I spent countless evenings listening to other schools play. There were even a few times where I had the privilege of hearing the professionals play. Classical music is just so soothing. It rolls over you like gentle waves, enveloping you in its sweet, harmonious sound.

With this came a love of adding non-traditional instruments to songs. When I hear brass instruments in a rock song or the sound of a whimpering violin on an R&B track, I instantly am attracted to it. Adding this in just enriches the song so much and sets it apart from similar tracks.

The other day, I had the privilege of hearing The Mowgli’s “San Fransisco”, featuring the glorious sound of some brass instruments. Of course, as soon as I heard it, I was in love. It’s quickly become one of my favorites. Here it is.

I’ll definitely try to find more music like this to post up on here !

Hope your night is as lovely as you are.


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